Identify features on the map

If you want to know about a feature on the map, you can get more information about it using the Identify tool Identify tool.

To identify a feature

  1. In the Toolbar, click the Identify button Identify tool. The button changes to a light background to indicate it is the active tool Identify tool - selected. (If no Identify button is visible, then the Identify function is not available in this application.)
  2. Click on the feature you want to identify. An identify icon Map icon for identify will be placed on the map at the location clicked. A callout label will also be placed near the location, with the name of the feature found, if any.
    Identify callout label
  3. To view details (attributes) for the feature, click the gray down-arrow at the right side of the callout label. This expands the callout box to show the attributes of the feature, as well as the layer name, and an option to add to results (see below).
    Identify detail.
  4. Multiple features may be found at the location clicked. To see the other features, hover the cursor over the name of the feature in the identify callout. The name will change to a drop-down list appearance:
    Identify callout with multiple features
    Click the drop-down arrow to see the other feature names, if any. Click the other feature to see its details in the callout label box.
  5. If you want to keep this identify result for later use, click the drop-down button on the right side of the callout label, and choose Add to Results (see graphic above). After a few moments, an entry for the location should appear in the Results section of the Console. The Location will display the coordinates of the location clicked. See Using Results for more on working with features in the Results window.
  6. To close the identify callout box that appears on the map, click the close button Identify close button       on its upper right. The identify callout will also be dismissed when the map zooms or pans.